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Ultrasound FAQ

  • When is the best time to have a 3D/4D/5D ultrasound?
    We do our best to achieve memorable photos at all stages of pregnancy, but if you are only planning on doing one 3D/4D/5D ultrasound, 27-32 weeks is ideal timing. Baby has some fat on them but aren't too squished yet.
  • What should I do before my appointment?
    Hydration is a key factor in getting the best possible images. The better hydrated mom is, the more amniotic fluid will be surrounding baby. Aim for a minimum of 64oz of water a day 5-7 days before your appointment. It also helps to have an active baby during your scan, so eat or drink something sweet 30 mins - 1 hr before. If you are in your first trimester, come in with a full bladder!
  • What is the difference between 3D, 4D, and 5D ultrasounds?"
    3D is a still image, while 4D combines a series of still images to create a live video of baby in the womb. We can catch smiles, yawns, and big stretches. 5D is the newest technology and is the most realistic view of baby with flesh like tones and an artificial light source to highlight different features.
  • Are 3D/4D/5D ultrasounds safe for me and my baby?
    3D/4D/5D ultrasounds use the same frequency of sound waves that your doctor uses during a 2D scan.
  • Does Blossom Baby Co. accept insurance?
    Because we are an elective ultrasound office, and not diagnostic, we do not accept insurance. This scan is primarly for entertainment and enjoyment purpouses.
  • Do I have to be under the care of a physician or midwife?
    Absolutely! We do require that you are under the care of an OBGYN or midwife. Elective ultrasounds do not provide any diagnostic reports.
  • Will I always get great images of my baby?
    While we try our very best and take our time during your appointment. There are many factors that go into getting that picture perfect image. Sometimes babies arent in optimal positions and/or nestled against the placenta. Every baby scans differently depending on its gestational age, position, amuont of fluid, and mothers condition. But we will certainly make it a memorable experience for you and your family and friends!
  • How many guests can I bring to my ultrasound?
    At Blossom Baby Co we have a large ultrasound theater where we project your scan to fill an entire wall. We can comfortably fit 10 guests seated but have had families bring 18+ with some standing and kiddos seated on the floor. Please invite family, siblings and friends to share in the excitement!
  • Can we live stream my scan?
    YES! We have the ability to live stream your ultrasound for family and friends who aren't able to be there in person, at no additional cost. Just let your sonographer know that you would like to use this option before starting. She will then provide you with a private link to share with your virtual guests.
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